How To Sell An Unsellable Home Fast

Has your home been on the market for months with zero interest? Has your realtor mentioned the words, unsellable home? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade to sell that house fast!

Give your home a new kitchen to help sell it fast.
Image by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay

How Long Has Your Home Been on the Market?

Depending the the current market, the average home sells in about 60-70 days. If your home has been on the market for longer than 70-90 days, you might have to ask yourself why. It might be an unsellable home.

Is your home saying sell me or is it saying eh…? Taking stock of what your house is offering to its potential new owner and making appropriate changes, can sell your home faster, AND sell it at a higher price. Making your home look livable, is a great way to sell it quickly.

If your home is unsellable, it might be time to take things into your own hands and upgrade it. We’ll explore changes and upgrades you can make to sell your house faster.

Curb Appeal is Everything

Make sure the outside of your house is sellable
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Take an honest look at the outside of your home. Does it need new paint or trim? Is the paint color a pleasing, neutral shade? If your house is painted, say, chartreuse, you might want to invest in a paint job, quickly.

Speaking of paint. Do you have a porch? Is the paint on the porch floor fresh and in a coordinating color that matches your house? Do you have outdoor furniture on the porch that tells your potential new home owner it’s a great place to sit and enjoy the weather? Is there room for a swing? A swing attached to the ceiling of your new home can help sell it pretty quickly. Why? Because your home looks livable and if your home looks livable, it’s sellable.

How’s the landscaping? Does it look easy to maintain and eye catching? If the lawn freshly mowed is it mowed regularly? Overgrown front yards aren’t likely to sell.

A few easy and inexpensive changes can make your front yard have sellable curb appeal in no time. Making changes like cleaning the windows, adding fresh mulch, mowing, pulling weeds, adding splashes of color by planting pretty flowers, and pruning unshaped trees and bushes can make your home sellable in a weekend.

Make Changes to Inside Living Spaces To Make Your Home Sellable

Make your house sellable inside as well as out
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If your home has become an unsellable home, it might be time to take a look at what’s wrong in your living spaces. Making big and small changes in your living area, can make your home feel livable…to complete strangers.

A great way to make your home sellable is to make potential homeowners believe they can live there, after you move out. How do you make it happen? Staging. Staging a home involves a delicate balance of making your home look livable to an outsider without letting it look personal to the current homeowners. Here are some ways to stage your home.

Do you have family pictures hanging up in your home? It’s time to take those down. You may think leaving those charming pictures of your family trip to the beach makes your home look livable, and you would be right. It makes your home look livable. For your family. Not someone else’s. Leaving the walls blank or adding a couple pieces of strategically placed, neutral, art can change your home to sellalbe.

Speaking of walls. What color are they? Neutral paint colors sell your home much faster. Think about it. When you’re out searching for a new home for yourself, do you want neutrally painted walls or brightly colored walls that won’t fit in with your decor? Painting your walls a neutral shade of beige or grey will change your home selling features instantly. Another painting tip. Paint the walls in your entire house the same color (maybe paint the walls of bedrooms and baths a different neutral shade) and you create a free flowing living space vs. startling home viewers with a different color for each room in your home.

Removing personal items and painting the walls of your living areas will make your home look neutral, and sellable.

Kitchens Can Make or Break a Sale

Sell your home with a clean kitchen
Image by Solomon Rodgers from Pixabay

Let’s take a look at your kitchen. Are the walls painted neutral colors? Do the counters and any shelves have anything on them that could be seen as clutter if an outsider saw it? Hiding things like coffee makers, jars of utensils, and cook books can make your counters look clean and sleek.

What do the floors look like? Wood floors increase the value of your home and help sell it faster, so if it’s in your budget, consider changing the floors in your home to wood.

What about the appliances in your kitchen? If your appliances are older and you have the budget for it, consider updating as many of them as possible. New appliances help your home sellable. If you’re keeping the old appliances in the home, are they clean?

Is the kitchen dark and drab? Try to let in as much natural light as you possible can. If that’s not possible try to lighten up the kitchen with paint, lighting and brightly colored artwork on the walls.

Whatever changes you make to your kitchen, keep in mind, if your new homeowner can see themselves cooking in the kitchen, you might make a sale.


Make the bathrooms sellable
Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay

How are the bathrooms looking in your unsellable home? At Estate Blvd we realize remodeling an old bathroom in a house you’re not going to live anymore, presents a challenge. There’s a fine line between breaking a giant whole in your budget and making your home sellable. If your old bathrooms need an overhaul, and you can afford it, it can’t hurt to upgrade.

But, if upgrading a bathroom or two isn’t an option, there are things you can do to help make them more sellable. First things first. Make sure the bathrooms are clean and neat. Stick totthbrushes and other toiletries in drawers. Clean and, if needed, regrout bathtubs, and showers. If bathroom floors have stains, clean those up.

Don’t forget about staging your bathroom. Strategically placing neutral towels and new soaps on a bathroom counter. Fresh towels on a towel rods. A new shower curtain (don’t worry about making it an inexpensive shower curtain).

The most important thing about making a bathroom sellable, no matter what your budget, is to make sure it looks clean and neutral.

Go From Unsellabe To Sellable

Go from no sale to sold
Image by KoalaParkLaundromat from Pixabay

If your house has been on the market for to long, give some of these tips a try. Before you know, that for sale sign in your front yard could say sold!

Have you had an unsellable home in your home selling history? What steps did you take to overcome it and sell your home? Like these tips or feel like we missed something? Let us know if the comments. Thanks for reading.

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