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The Details: 14177 Kata Ct, Fort Wayne, In, 46845. Whisper Rock Subdivision, $515,500.00

14177 Kata Court, Fort Wayne, IN
Living Room

Me: Staring longingly into the room that contains a magnificant, built-in desk: “This is the most beautiful room I’ve ever seen.” Man standing over by the equally astounding built-in bookcases in the living room: “Really? You’ve never been to an Arbor Home?”

We are sad to say, Estate Blvd has never been inside an Arbor Home. Until today, that is. We are going to make it our mission to go to more Arbor Home Bulding Corp homes from now on. The home at 14177 Kata Ct in Whisper Rock addtion is one of the loveliest homes we’ve ever seen.

Craftsman Home at 14177 Kata Ct, Fort Wayne, IN

The attention to detail is remarkable. The Craftsman Style design (our personal favorite) is evident in the home, both outside and in. The home is elegant, tasteful, and comfortable. This home at 14177 Kata Ct, in Fort Wayne, In, has a perfect blend of cool and warm colors in nearly every room, making it cozy and modern.

Front porch at 14177 Kata Ct, Fort Wayne, IN

The Foyer/Entry Room

The front porch of the home at 14177 Kata Ct, is spacious and opens to the street and home that is across the street. There’s plenty of wooded areas around though, so during spring, summer, and fall months you should be able to see some pretty sights.

Once you enter the home, you are greeted with a pretty, sqare shaped entry room. The top portion of the walls are a subtle shade of very light green and the bottom two thirds are white wainscotting. There’s ample room for a cabinent on the floor and artwork on the walls. Straight through the room is the immaculate living room area and to the right is the aforementioned, highly acclained (by Estate Blvd!) den.

Wainscotting in Entry Room
Entry to living room

The Den!

At Estate Blvd, we ADORE built-in furniture! In the early days of homebuilding, it was common to have dressers, desks, hutches, ect. built-in to your home. Ikea wasn’t a thing yet and people ususally built things themselves. In modern times, the housing explosion has come into play and developers build houses fast to keep up with sprawling suburban additions. They don’t take the time to add unique features such as built-in furniture.

The realtor at this home explained to us that Arbor Homes Corp. is intent on building Craftsman style homes that include the bygone era of built-in furniture, and we at Estate Blvd could not be more thrilled.

You can see this focus of built-in furniture as soon as you walk into the home with the gorgeous floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in the living room to the incredible built-in desk/bookshelves/drawers in the den. And because the furniture you’d normally add to a den (office furniture) is already added as a built-in, you end up with a large room that can include a sofa, chairs, and tables without feeling overcrowded.

Attention to detail hasn’t been forgotten when you look at the ceiling and see the wood beams. Both entrances to the den have locking pocket doors, as well.

Lovely den with built-in desk and shelves. We nearly swooned when we saw this room in person.

Living Area/Kitchen/Dining Area

This area of the home at 14177 Kata Ct is open concept and flows easily from one room to the next. The living area has wood beams crisscrossing the ceiling, those stunning floor-to-ceiling bookshelves (readers like us can’t get enough of this), and a gas fireplace that looks out over the living area and goes through to the four season room on the other side. Check out the french style doors that open to the four season room.

Open concept living area

The kitchen is next to the living area and has wood beams framing the entrance. An island with room for seating on one side and the huge sink and two drawer diswasher on the other overlooks the array of cabinets surrounding the new black steel finished refrigerator and range.

Kitchen view from the living area

Another wall of cabinets to the right of the living area includes the oven, microwave, built-in wine cooler. A walk-in pantry is located in the middle section, dividing the walls of cabinets.

Large sink, two drawer dishwasher
Walk-in pantry in the back wall

The dining area is on the other side of the kitchen. It’s lovely in it’s simplicity. The dining area has large windows that allows backyard views and to the left is another entrance to the four season room.

Simple and elegant dining area

Four Season Room

Another room we, at Estate Blvd, loves in the house at 14177 Kata Ct is the four season room. From the off-white walls and the dark ceiling to the gas fireplace and views of the backyard this room manages to pull off elegance and coziness. A feat not often acheived in luxury homes.

Four season room with large windows gives the room natural light and views of the backyard.
Two sided fireplace
View of four season room that shows how it’s aligned iwth the dining area and kitchen

Master Bedroom and Bath

The master bedroom and bath at 14177 Kata Ct is just as lovely as the rest of the home. The master bedroom and bath is on the other side of the house from the the two additional bedrooms, so privacy is never going to be an issue. One wall in the bedroom is covered in long planks of wood, while the other three walls are painted in a subtle shade of gray. We at Estate Blvd, are not fans are primary colors on walls, so this Arbor Homes house is right up our alley. Large windows on one wall overlooks the backyard of the home and lets in a ton of natural light. Here are a couple of shots from the bedroom.

Pretty overhead lighting
Serene master bedroom

The master bathroom is sprawling and the same length as the walk in closet. It contains a lovely soaking tub, double sink vanity with plenty of counter space, a beautiful, built-in hutch, a large shower, and a seperate room for the bidet toilet. It’s all white and it’s designed to make you feel calm and relaxed.

Check out this built-in hutch. Gorgeous!
Double sink vanity
Large walk in shower
Large toilet room with plenty of space for storage and plenty of room to not feel trapped!

Laundry Room

The laundry room is next to the other two bedrooms and full bath. It’s H-U-G-E! The washer and dryer are in a corner of the room, the sink and built-in cabinets are along the far wall, leaving plenty of breathing room. There’s also a closet for storage.

Roomy laundry room
Check out the built-in coat rack area near the two regular bedrooms. Another fabulous addition to this Craftsman Style home!

This spectatular Arbor Home at 14177 Kata Court also includes two bedrooms with big closets, a three car garage, and attic storage.

If you live in the Fort Wayne, IN area (or you want to live here) why not check out this home in Whisper Rock.

What do you think of this house? Do you know of a house you’d like to see featured at Estate Blvd? Thoughts on other topics you’d like to see addressed here? Let us know in the comments.

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